Members of the Division of Biological Chemistry use the principles of chemistry to assist in the development of a deeper understanding of biological processes. Their research shapes our understanding of the mechanisms of biological phenomena and covers (among others) structure, function, and regulation of biologically active molecules; gene structure and expression; biochemical mechanisms; protein biosynthesis; protein folding; membrane structure-function relationships; bioenergetics; and immunochemistry. The mission of the Division of Biological Chemistry is to promote the interests of its members through:

  • The organization of symposia at National and International Meetings.
  • Travel awards that allow our young members to present their results at these meetings.
  • Awarding grants to support symposia at Regional ACS meetings and Conferences with focused themes of interest to our members.
  • Administration of a Program of Awards that recognize the best work in biological chemistry.
  • Identifying new ways for the Division to meet our member’s needs.