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Message from the Chair: Sheila David, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Wow!  The summer has gone by fast!  This will be a rather focused newsletter—stay tuned for another one in October!

Biological Division Programming for the Fall ACS Meeting 2021: NEXT week is the ACS meeting in Atlanta (Aug. 22-26)!  This will a new “hybrid” format for an ACS meeting with both virtual and in-person programming.  We have a lot of virtual programming, so you can still “attend” the ACS meeting from your computer!  It is not too late to register and soak up some cool science.  See below an abbreviated summary of the meeting.  On our website, we will have a separate doc you can download with title, times, etc.  You can also go to ACS meeting (, and filter the meeting program to see BIOL division programming.

My personal experience from attending many ACS meetings is that the talks from the Early Career Investigators are often the BEST talks at the meeting.  Many talks from new investigators are in the “Emerging Areas and New Methods” session. These are short talks on new, emerging, hot topics.  We also have special sessions at this meeting on “Development of Peptidomimetics,” “Structural Virology and Vaccine Development” and “100 Years of Cytochromes.”  The line-ups for these sessions are great. I also always enjoy the Graduate student and Postdoc talks—their enthusiasm is “infectious”.   Many awesome posters will be presented virtually and in-person.  Lastly, don’t miss our Award Symposia! They are always fantastic!

For more information, please see the newsletter below!

Sheila David

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