Targeting CB2-GPR55 Receptor Heteromers Modulates Cancer Cell Signaling [Signal Transduction]

July 2nd, 2014 by Moreno, E., Andradas, C., Medrano, M., Caffarel, M. M., Perez–Gomez, E., Blasco–Benito, S., Gomez–Canas, M., Pazos, M. R., Irving, A. J., Lluis, C., Canela, E. I., Fernandez–Ruiz, J., Guzman, M., McCormick, P. J., Sanchez, C.

The G protein-coupled receptors CB2 (CB2R) and GPR55 are overexpressed in cancer cells and human tumors. As a modulation of GPR55 activity by cannabinoids has been suggested, we analyzed whether this receptor participates in cannabinoid effects on cancer cells. Here, we show that CB2R and GPR55 form heteromers in cancer cells, that these structures possess unique signaling properties, and that modulation of these heteromers can modify the antitumoral activity of cannabinoids in vivo. These findings unveil the existence of previously unknown signaling platforms that help explain the complex behavior of cannabinoids and may constitute new targets for therapeutic intervention in oncology.