Adapter protein SHC regulates JANUS kinase 3 phosphorylation [Signal Transduction]

May 2nd, 2014 by Mishra, J., Kumar, N.

Though constitutive activation of Janus kinase 3 (Jak3) leads to different cancers, the mechanism of trans-molecular regulation of Jak3 activation is not known. Previously we reported that Jak3 interactions with adapter protein p52ShcA (Shc) facilitate mucosal homeostasis. In this report we characterize the structural determinants that regulate the interactions between Jak3 and Shc and demonstrate the trans-molecular mechanism of regulation of Jak3 activation by Shc. We show that Jak3 auto-phosphorylation was the rate limiting step during Jak3 trans-phosphorylation of Shc where Jak3 directly phosphorylated (P) two tyrosine residues in SH-2-domain, and one tyrosine residue each in CH-1, and PID domains of Shc. Direct interactions between mutants of Jak3 and Shc showed that while FERM domain of Jak3 was sufficient for binding to Shc, CH-1 and PID domains of Shc were responsible for binding to Jak3. Functionally, Jak3 was auto-phosphorylated under IL-2 stimulation in epithelial cells. However, Shc recruited tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 and PTP-1B to Jak3 and thereby dephosphorylate Jak3. Thus we not only characterize Jak3 interaction with Shc, but also demonstrate the molecular mechanism of intracellular regulation of Jak3 activation where Jak3 interactions with Shc acted as a regulator of Jak3 dephosphorylation through direct interactions of Shc with both Jak3 and tyrosine phosphatases.