YidC/Alb3/Oxa1 Family of Insertases [Membrane Biology]

May 6th, 2015 by Hennon, S. W., Soman, R., Zhu, L., Dalbey, R. E.

The YidC/Alb3/Oxa1 family functions in the insertion and folding of proteins in the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane, the chloroplast thylakoid membrane, and mitochondrial inner membrane. All members share a conserved region comprised of five transmembrane regions. These proteins mediate membrane insertion of an assorted group of proteins; ranging from respiratory subunits in the mitochondria and light-harvesting chlorophyll-binding proteins in chloroplasts to ATP synthase subunits in bacteria. This review discusses the YidC/Alb3/Oxa1 protein family as well as their function in membrane insertion and two new structures of the bacterial YidC, which suggest a mechanism for membrane insertion by this family of insertases.