Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR is targeted and regulated by miR-141 in human cancer cells [RNA]

March 10th, 2014 by Chiyomaru, T., Fukuhara, S., Saini, S., Majid, S., Deng, G., Shahryary, V., Chang, I., Tanaka, Y., Enokida, H., Nakagawa, M., Dahiya, R., Yamamura, S.

HOTAIR is a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) which interacts with the Polycomb Repressive Complex and suppresses its target genes. HOTAIR has also been demonstrated to promote malignancy. MicroRNA-141 (miR-141) has been reported to play a role in the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) process and the expression of miR-141 is inversely correlated with tumorigenicity and invasiveness in several human cancers. We found that HOTAIR expression is inversely correlated to miR-141 expression in renal carcinoma cells. HOTAIR promotes malignancy including proliferation and invasion whereas miR-141 suppresses malignancy in human cancer cells. miR-141 binds to HOTAIR in a sequence specific manner, and suppresses HOTAIR expression and functions including proliferation and invasion. Both HOTAIR and miR-141 were associated with the immunoprecipitated Argonaute2 (Ago2) complex and the Ago2 complex cleaved HOTAIR in the presence of miR-141. These results demonstrate that HOTAIR is suppressed by miR-141 in an Ago2 dependent manner.