Induced expression of Fc{gamma}RIIIa (CD16a) on CD4+ T cells triggers generation of IFN-{gamma}high subset [Cell Biology]

January 2nd, 2015 by Chauhan, A. K., Chen, C., Moore, T. L., DiPaolo, R. J.

Whether or not CD4+ T-cells express low affinity receptor FcγRIIIa (CD16a) in disease pathology has not been examined in great detail. In this study, we show that a subset of activated CD4+ T-cells in humans express FcγRIIIa. The ligation of FcγRIIIa by immune complexes (ICs) in human CD4+T-cells produced co-stimulatory signal like CD28 that triggered IFN-γ production. The induced expression of FcγRIIIa on CD4+helper T-cells is an important finding since these receptors via ITAM contribute to intracellular signaling. The induced expression of FcγRIIIa on CD4+ T helper cells and their ability to co-stimulate T-cell activation are important and novel findings that may reveal new pathways to regulate adaptive immune responses during inflammation and in autoimmunity.